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Stansefabrikken group is a Norwegian group of companies with manufacturing, sales companies in Scandinavia, Germany and Lithuania
€50 M

Stansefabrikken Ukmerge meets its 20th anniversary!

It has been a long journey that shaped our company into today’s business, and it is all thanks to our long sighted shareholders, loyal and supportive customers and all great partners that put their trust in us during those 20 years. Sincere thanks and warm wishes from General Manager Giedrius Zeniauskas also go to our amazing employees: “Any corporate story that will be written in our organization will begin and end with you. You are not only the employees, but also the company itself, its success story! My wish is that the company's journey of prosperity continues for many years to come, as we all collectively have laid the foundations and untapped potential for future success”.

Stansefabrikken Ukmerge plans for the future

Stansefabrikken Ukmerge plans to expand its operations in Lithuania, with a EUR 7 million investment for its factory in Ukmergė.

New BREEAM building project

Today the industrial park is developed with offices and production facilities spanning over 127 000 sq. m. There are large developing possibilities within the industrial park, and we can offer expansion opportunities of 10 000 sq.m and more. Fast adaptation of flex buildings is designed to meet green standards that can be bespoke for multiuse. Plus, new buildings are designed according to BREEAM® sustainable standards.

Ukmerge Industrial Park welcomes new tenant - IT Plasta

Stansefabrikken group is excited to welcome a new tenant in industrial park - IT Plasta. Company provides IT services and solutions for the business and public sector. Olav Jegtvolden, Managing Director of the industrial park is welcoming the new tenant – “A great contribution to the existing functions and services available for our tenants. I am positive there will be synergies and good collaboration in the future. Great welcome to the IT Plasta team that are joining us”.