Sustainable development:

After UN was setting the agenda in 2015, establishing the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ratified by 193 member states, with the intention being to tackle climate change by 2030 there has been clear shift in the public awareness that this issue concerns everyone. From and objective and ethical point of view this is a quite logical and we already see that some major companies have started to adapt their strategies and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Code of Conduct policies. Others see it as an opportunity and are investing heavily to be in the forefront and make business from it.

Stafas angle ‘going into this issue is pragmatic. Today, it does not seem challenging, but we understand that it can/will create business challenges in the future as well as opportunities. We want to turn this to the positive side, rather make it a “selling point” being a responsible and sustainable company, being chosen instead of rejected by the customer. This fits both to our common platform as well as to our vision of being the “Chosen Partner”.

We do not think that becoming “sustainable” is a fast track to success, probably the opposite, but realise that it can be an important part of our value proposition. We will start investigating what sustainable development means in practice, evaluate what we have done already in line with the SDGs and find areas where it is smart to improve and set targets.

Thereby we can proactively present Stafa in a professional manner to our employees, partners and customers as well as being prepared for any potential “treats” arising from authority demands directly or eventually via our customers.